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Dongguan Hongjian Precision Mold Co., Ltd.(ENG MOULD) was founded in 2015,a comprehensive company specializing in providing integrated solutions for product structural design / injection mold manufacturing / moulding / spraying / assembly. It owns a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Guangdong Yunzi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.and Ethan Love (Guangdong) Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.Our annual production capacity is 413 / 613 sets of molds and 80 - 568 tons of injection molding machines.

We are committed to auto parts, intelligent wearable electronic products, household appliances, industrial products and medical products for mold and production and matching manufacturing, to provide customers with product structure design and process selection evaluation scheme, sample verification, Mold manufacturing, injection moulding production, surface spraying or vacuum electroplating treatment, part assembly in one-stop integrated service.

Our goal: to provide customers with high-quality experiential service, create better added value, achieve long-term win-win!​

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